22 part-set: cot KAREN with drawer + mattress + bedding set

22 part-set: cot KAREN with drawer + mattress + bedding set
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The set consist of 22 parts:

 1. Cot with drawer “KAREN” 
  • Made of  pine wood and furniture board
  • Size 120x60cm (inside)
  • Baby cot with the option turn into a JUNIOR BED (after removal one of long ladders and screwing the fastening strip) allows easy lowering beds by older child)
  • The long sides are made of pine and are flat
  • The bottom with rungs – enables good airness of the mattress
  • Mattress height regulated in THREE positions – changed when the baby starts sitting and getting up by itself
  • THREE removable rungs
  • Drawer with a cover – a drawer on roller rails has a suspended cover preventing against dust.
  • Varnished with paints safe for babies(water varnish)
  • Set of screws for assembly delivered
  • Cot is manufactured in Poland and it has all certyficates required by law.  
  • This cot is only for a child under three years. 

2. Mattress -buckwheat- foam. Made by currently the best producer of mattresses on the market – DANPOL Company. Mattress size – 120x60. Made of a layer of buckwheat husks poured into specially sewn little pockets ( layers with antiperspirant, anti-bedsore, and anti allergic   properties) and of a layer of foam. This is a one-sided mattress. Buckwheat is the only natural base for sleeping. It is equipped with a white case. Helps to cure backbone impediments. It has a positive opinion of Mother & Child Institute, Polish PZH certificate and a positive opinion of Medical Technology Institute.

3.)  Duvet case 120x90 cm- safely zipped, 100% cotton- certificated.

4.) Pillowcase 60x40 cm - safely zipped, 100% cotton- certificated.

5.) Pillow (filling) 60x40 cm - the cover is made of white cotton,the filling is made of warm nonwoven fluffy fibre, antiallergic

6.) Duvet (filling) 120x90 cm –the cover is made of white cotton, the filling is made of warm nonwoven fluffy fibre, antiallergic, the duvet is quilted, which prevents the filling from moving around.The duvet may be washed in a washing machine.

7.) Bumper about 180*20 cm -– it is perfect protection of your baby’s head. We are THE ONLY company to offer the bolster made of solid foam 2 cm. Only this thickness and stiffness are a perfect cover preventing hitting rungs.. The protector has strings sewn in that help to fix it to the cot. The strings are the same colour as the bedclothes.

IMPORTANT!!!  The protector has a zipped EASY WASH system. The systems enables doing the laundry in the washing machine and ironing the bolster’s case without the risk of damaging the filling. All you have to do  is to open the case and take out the filling which will not be washed. Having washed and ironed the case you just put the filling in and zip it. In that way your bumper will look new for many years. Bumper is not quilted.

8.) Canopy 140x160 cm – entirely made of cotton fibre – the pattern like on the bedclothes

 9+10  Sash and a knot for canopy – placed on the top part of the canopy rack, tied into a beautiful knot
11. The canopy holder – fixed on the cot, necessary to the canopy.
 12. Cot tidy/Outfit  has 6 capacious pockets with tucks, three strings to tie to the cot (not always unfastening Velcro).The inside layer is made of highly fluffy nonwoven fibre. The case is made of colourful cotton fibre with the same pattern like the bedclothes 
13. Cotton fitted sheet – equipped with a sewn-in elastic band preventing any moves on the mattress. White colour makes it
14. Swaddling wrap - Perfect when you leave the hospital and during the first days of the baby. It is very soft, warm,gives safety and calm sleep. The wrap size is 75*75 cm  The wrap’s fill is made of nonwoven fibre(antiallergic).The case is made of colourful cotton fibre with the same pattern like bedclothes. The wrap is quilted, which prevents the filling from moving. It can also double as a quilt to the pram or for example as a mat for changing the baby when the baby outgrows  it. 
15. Masking frill – put under mattress masks the room between bottom of the cot and the cover of the drawer. It is has the same pattern as bedclothes and gently creased 
16.  Nappy liner for the mattress – size 50*120, placed on the mattress protects it from wetting 
17. Face cloth – indispensible while washing the baby. Gentle and soft terry, with lively colours 
18. Diaper nappy – indispensible component of baby’s layette, perfect for wiping the face, body, as well as a favourite cuddly while falling asleep and in many other cases
19.Flannel nappy, colourful, randomly chosen colour/pattern – nappies have different patterns with lovely baby motifs, it is an indispensible part of baby’s layette, perfect for wiping the face, body of the baby after washing it (perfectly replaces rough towels), covering during warmer days as well as a favourite cuddly while falling  asleep and in many other cases
20. “Jaś” pillow – soft pillow very good for a pram. Every baby will love it  FREE
21 Pillowcase for “Jaś” safely zipped, colourful cotton 100%, with baby patterns. FREE
22. Cuddly -  a little rectangular pillow filled with silicon, covered with colourful cotton. FREE
The bedclothes fit cots with size 120*60
Made of cotton 100% very good quality
All our products have PZH HŻ Certificate
And all the materials used in the production process ÖKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Certificate





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