Your baby`s first layette


Preparing layette for baby's is a real challenge for any mom. Using our knowledge and experience we decided to help you by making a list of needed items. List is divided into categories to make it easier to find the right items. If you have any questions we are happy to answer in chat. We are mums too, so we know how important and stressful are preparations for the impending birth.  We invite you to use our list =)


Accessories for Mom to the hospital:


*Bag to hospital

*Nightdress 2 pcs


*Primers postpartum 2 pcs


*Postpartum panties (multiple-use) 1 package (are made ​​of breathable mesh and can easily be washed)

*Bra for breastfeeding 2 pcs (not necessary, but if you choose to breastfeed you will not regret the purchase.'s Very convenient and in addition is made of 100% cotton, it has no underwire so it does not irritating to sore breasts)

*Breast Pads 1 pack

*Breast Pump - possibly useful at the beginning of breastfeeding for stimulate lactation. It may also be useful later when you decide to breastfeed-will help get rid of excess breast milk as well as allow us to leave the baby for a long time with daddy without the need prepare milk mixture. Manual breast pumps are the most popular but if you are going to use it often, recommend using electric breast pumps for convenience and ease of use

*Nipple protectors-  if necessary


Journey to home from the hospital:

*Car seat for newborn- select only those with certificate and intended for babies from birth

*Blanket- one piece for start, choose a rather warmer made ​​eg fleece

*Swaddling wrap- not required, however, helps in keeping the baby by not experienced parents. Babies like swaddling wraps because it reminds them of time spent in the belly. Wrap can be used as a blanket if necessary, for example, to the wheelchair or as a play mat on the floor

*Blouse and sleepsuits

*Thicker clothes, depending on the season: thicker shirt and pants or overalls


Time for sleep:

*Cot or cradle - both are designed for babies from birth. If you choose the crib you must to note: cot must have a mattress height regulations and removable rungs. If you have limited space in the house decide on a version with the drawer, you can hide there a lot of useful accessories. If our choice will fall on the cradle, remember to have a swinging blocade.


*Bed linen, preferably with a bumper and a canopy - bumper will prevent possible struck by rungs and mosquito nets will be useful to protect baby from insects. Also will be a beautiful decoration of the room. It is also worth to buy an extra set covers.

*Fitted sheet with eraser 2 pcs

*Nappy liner for mattress- protects against wetting of mattress

*Chest of drawers with changing table or changing table applied to the cot

*Baby monitor- useful if have a big house and it is a fear that you will not hear what is going on in the baby room .



The first clothes:

It is very important that they are made ​​from natural and breathable fabric. All clothes should be washed in powder for children and ironed before the first assumption. We also suggest you do not buy a lot of clothes in the smallest size because small children are growing very fast. For start we need just a few pieces of clothing.

*4-6 pieces of t-shirts and blouses

*4-6 pieces sleepsuits


*Blouse and shorts for the output (necessarily zippered in front)

*2-3 pairs socks (also to set up on hands so the child could not scratched themselves)

*2 caps

*2-3 baby sleepers

*In the winter, a thicker suit, gloves and a hat, and warm sleeping bag to the trolley



Bathing and Hygiene:


*Washing glove

*Thermometer for bath (ideal temperature for bathing is 37 degrees Celsius)

*Bath towel 2 pcs

*Wet wipes

*Diapers in Newborn-size

*Cotton buds for ears

*Cotton pads

*Nasal aspirator- necessary if a child catches a cold, it helps get rid of the secretions


Bottle feeding:

*150ml bottle with teat 0m +

*Bottle warmer

*Bottle brush


Hair care and nails:

*Brush with natural bristles

*Scissors or clippers



*It should be designed for babies from the first day of life

*Bubble bath or soap

*Moisturizing lotion


*Nappy cream


First walk:

*Pram (you can choose between ordinary strollers or trolleys 3in1 which also includes baby car seat)

*Trolley bag