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F.P.H. "Arus" Richard Chrobak

ul.Partyzantów 35

32-440 Sułkowice

NIP 681-100-37-68

Tel: 0048 12-273-32-37

email: fpharus@op.pl



1) Immediately after adding to shipping cart, please fill out all the necessary information and approval of the contract. Please check whether your purchases, chosen color & shipping address are correct


2) If you purchase more items from our offer and are not sure of the amount of the transfer is to be paid on delivery, please contact (email, phone, gg) for further details. Shipping cost is calculated when you add items to cart, but worth it contact with us to confirm his height.


3) When a parcel is over 31.5 kg  the courier is not obliged to make such delivery to the door of the apartment. Ordering a package you must remember that always have to be someone who will be able to pick her up at the address given by you. If anyone won`t  pick up package, the courier does not take the load and the recipient of the shipment will be burdened with costs of shipment.


4) In the title of payments please enter: the name and date of purchase.

Payments are automatically identified and adding additional information (eg address or linen color) may result in a delay of the contract - it may be that they will be discovered only after the intervention when buyer does not receive the shipment. Please note that the data transfer was consistent with the date of the contract - which is particularly important in the case of payments made through the mail & bank


5) To avoid any misunderstandings please do not hesitate to carefully read descriptions of offers, especially the composition of the various sets which are placed at the beginning of each offerings. Photographs of the offers are only used to determine the colors of fabric or show whole sets


6) DELIVERY: Shipments are sent as the next day after receipt of transfer to our bank account or Cash, but if shipping is delayed for some reason, I always inform you by e-mail, but never is it more than 5 days. After sending a parcel courier normally reaches to the customer in 3-4 working day. Average turnaround time from the time of payment to deliver a package to You takes 5 working days. If the package does not delivered after six days of payment, please email to check the reason for the delay.


7) VAT invoices: If you wish to receive a VAT invoice You must give this information in the notes to the contract or in the first information sent to us immediately after purchase, at a later date after issuing of bill of sale this will not be possible. We put invoices in package, we don`t send by mail. To invoice we need your data and tax identification number (in the case of invoices issued at company) or Social Security number (in the case of invoice for an individual)


8) PACKING SHIPMENT AND MONITORING: Our package consists of many elements that fall into one or more of the purchased items. In order to avoid any problems the objects are packed for shipping carefully and strictly checked by two persons responsible. Any activity is monitored until the end of this work, so upon receipt, please check the contents immediately and if are any deficiencies or inconsistencies please inform the seller farthest to three days (only a quick notification will enable to checked the monitoring and resolved the problem) after this term reclamations will not be a positive dealt. However, if there is disagreement of the subject with deal, we return value of missing item to a bank account specified by you


9) COMPLAINTS AND REFUNDS: Our company makes every effort to ensure that the goods ordered by the customer was in line with its expectations. However, the customer may return merchandise purchased for any reason within 10 days from the date of delivery. Returned or defective goods must be send at your own expense, only after contacting our service. You can delivered goods in person to our brand shops.

Reimbursement is possible only if the goods have not been used and is in original, intact packaging.

Store guarantees the repayment of the amount equal to the price of goods excluding shipping costs both ways (including reclamations). The money will be returned within 7 days business days after the complaint by bank transfer to the account specified by the customer.


The complaint will not be taken into account if the product:

- Has been destroyed or damaged

- Was submitted after 10 days from the date of delivery

Law of. 03.02.2000 (Journal of Laws of 2000 No 22, item. 271, as amended)


Time for consideration of claims by the manufacturer, is ranging from 14 days

Our company is not responsible for late delivery of shipments by courier and Post, as well as damage caused by shipment of the courier company. When you receive the package, please check the package contents to determine whether the goods have not been damaged or have any defects.

In case of any damage, please draw up the damage protocol with the courier,

which is the only document on the basis of which the complaint procedure

will be initiated. After favorable consideration of damages by the insurer will be returned the cost of shipment and we will send you a new product or defective parts. Everything, however, depends on the degree of damage to the shipment

Returns and complaints shipments given by cash on delivery will not be accepted by us.

Return abnormal of the product, having individual characteristics or dimensions of the resulting contract, it is not possible, which is consistent with Article 10, paragraph. 3 points. 4 of the Law on protection of consumer rights


10) In case of doubt, confusion and reservations, please contact us to resolve the matter


11) Time warranty on all of our furniture (beds, chairs, chests of drawers) is 12 months


12) LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All trademarks, product names and manufacturers are the sole property of their respective owners and are mentioned for informational purposes only. All descriptions and images are property of Arus and may not be distributed without permission in any form


13) Despite the best efforts, our company does not guarantee that the processed data do not contain deficiencies or errors, photographs published by us may contain minor deviations color, independent from us due to the quality of the monitor or the saturation, which, however, can not be the basis for claims. If you have any questions, please contact us before making a purchase.


14) Making a purchase in our store is associated with the acceptance of the above terms.



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According to the law on personal data protection we are committed to protecting your information and not share it with third parties. According to this Act, You have the right to access their data, correct or delete from our database.